Splodge antiviral sanitiser COVID19 approval

Splodge products have now been successfully tested in the lab on the COVID19 coronavirus. With Splodge already proven as effective against pre-existing Coronavirus strains such as the common cold, there has been high confidence between healthcare professionals and ourselves that the product would also be effective against this novel coronavirus. Now having the active compounds and the splodge formulation tested in the lab against COVID19 backs that up with real data and the splodge team is proud to add this to the extensive list of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores that are knocked out by the products.

With World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) guidelines indicating that only 70%+ alcohol based products should be considered as being effective against coronavirus has put doubts in the minds of a number of users, but now those doubts can be put to one side. Customers now do not have to put up with the slimy hand gels often found that leave a disconcerting residue on hands to get great antiviral protection.

Have you noticed how many shops just have ‘antibacterial hand sanitiser’ at their entrance? Take a pot of Splodge antiviral hand sanitiser with you to get your own personal protection without having to presume that the product you are being offered is actually effective.